Friday, October 10, 2008


You can go anywhere easily if you have money & time. But for my family, there is a place that really hard to go, even impossible for now.. that is
We always dream to get together until there is no more chance for us because one had already left this world.
Thanks to the technology (wow.. look who is talking about technology), now I can 'create' my dream of getting together's photo.. just by mixing 4 different photos.

About scrapbook: kit from Aprilmouse, Carolburns & FDS


 IC™ said...

i was ... shock, um, tricked for a second. in my mind, wah! why i never had this picture! but as my eyes went into the detail, hey, it's 3rd sis wedding. i wasn't there. haha. then i realized it.

let's go to Gether. hehe..

sunsetmama65 said...

Great posting and picture. Keep up the good work!

Lisadee said...

This looks wonderful Rose, you have done a fabulous job. I have saved your blog to my faves so I can pop in every now and then to see what you are up too - hugs, Lisa