Monday, December 14, 2009

So This is Christmas

I just got from Emka her newest kit "So This is Christmas", collaboration with another super designer Marzenka aka SussieM. This kit is amazingly beautiful and you can get it from

My blog header and background that I am using now are also design by Emka. You can get it from

And here is my page using "So This is Christmas"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas is All Around

My boy is so exciting that Christmas is coming soon. Christmas to him is a time to receive many presents. And for me, is the time to spend money for buying presents.. but I'm happy doing it.. ^.^

Kit by: Collab & wordart by Kathy
Kit by collab
Kits by: Kaccii, Moani, Malina, Magi, Hilleke & Aprilmouse
Kits by: Magi, Moani, Malina

Monday, November 16, 2009

Travel to the Past

My son asking me to play a ball.. After playing for awhile, I told him that I am very tired because I am too old to run around cacthing the ball. And he replied to me, "I wish you were only 20 when you gave birth to me, so you are still young enough to play a ball with me!"

So, when my friend, Mary, hosting a challenge in SBF call "Extraction Fun", I got the idea to play with the photo of my son that was taken in 2006, extracted him and put it into my photo that was taken much earlier (in 1992, or 12 years before my son's born). And I call it "Travel to the Past"

How I wish in reality we could travel to the past, to avoid the unhappiness and enjoy again the things that we can only call it sweet memory!

Credit:Impression of Travel-Collab SBG
Available at Scrapbookgraphics

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Secret of Staying Young

It's my sister's birthday today! Just want to say Happy Birthday to her.. In my mind she is still a little girl.. but actually she is already.. ups! it's her secret.. ^.^


Credit: Impressions of traditions by Collab SBG available at:

WA by Jennifer

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Missing You on Your Birthday

This photo was taken 10 years ago when I was still in Jakarta. It's one of my precious collections since I only have very few photos of Dad and me. My Dad would be 69 years old today if he still alive. I miss you so much, Dad!

Credit: Impressions of traditions by Collab SBG available at:

Credit: Impressions Of Change By Studiogirls available at:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Delicious Autumn

I was looking for a quote about autumn to put in my scrap page. I ended up with reading sooooo many of them. Even there is no autumn here, only by reading about it, can 'bring' me to another part of the world.. where the leaves turn red and gold, falling from the trees.. just like George Cooper's write in his "October Party"

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came -
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.

And I'm so in love with Autumn..

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns. ~ George Eliot ~

Design Credits: - Emka Design "Breath of Autumn"Available at Scrapbookgraphics:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Breath of Autumn

This past few weeks I was so worry about my high blood pressure. I was so sure that I am a healthy person and took my health for granted until my doctor said my blood pressure is high!

I changed my life style.. No more sleep at late midnight or past midnight; and always wake up in the morning to do the exercise. I have to reduce my time for TV and computer. It's really hard especially reducing time for scrapping. But I am trying!

Kit by Emka Designs: The Scent of Coffee.

I was so relieved that what I have done bring a good result! My blood pressure is drop and I find myself fresher and healthier.
So.. I am in the mood to scrap myself and to give myself some encouragements for doing better things in life..
B R E A T H - O F - A U T U M N

The Newest Kit by Emka Design: Breath of Autumn. Available in Scrapbookgraphics

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sweet Dream

Wow.. today is 09/09/09 .. 9 September 2009...
Time to make something special.. and I got this special sweet kit from Emka.. It calls "Sweet Dreams" .. I really like it since this kit is suitable for little boys or girls.. Just like you maybe already know, I love scrapping my little boy, my nieces and nephews..
You can get the kit from

and here are my pages using Sweet Dreams

Friday, August 28, 2009

Impression of CHANGE

Sometime I feel that my boy is still a baby.. Can't believe that he is growing up so fast and now is a smart little boy that often surprised me with his thinking..
Just like when he was one day come to me and ask
B: "Mom, which country has 4 seasons? (because we are staying in Singapore and we don't have spring, summer, winter and autumn).. I really wants to play with snow, but can't go to the countries which are far away from Singapore because the air ticket is expensive."
M: (laugh and also surprised that a 5 years old boy can understand about that).. "Likely the nearest place that has snow and also not so expensive to go is China.."
B: (With full of enthusiasm)... "China? Wow.. I really want to go to China.. People there are very busy and they are working hard"
M: Why did you said so?
B: I read 'made in China' label in almost all of my toys, stationery, shirts and other things! So they must be very busy to make all of those things!
M: (got another surprised and just can laugh..)
Don't you think he is a smart boy??

So, when I got a kit "Impressions Of Change - collab SBG" (available at Scrapbookgraphics) from Emka Designs, I really want to scrap my boy.. a cute baby boy who turns to a smart little boy

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank you Lisa, Linda & Verony!

I just got my new award from my 3 lovely friends, Lisadee, Linda (belle15), & Verony. Thank you, girls!

And I will pass this award to my friends..

1. Edna 2. Mat 3. Fritzie (chingjp) 4. Claudia 5. Carol (angelscrapper) 6. Jacquii 7. Libby

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Scent of Coffee

Do you love coffee? No matter what is the answer, I believe most of the scrapbooker will love 'the scent of coffee' kit. Copying the designer's words, it is a kit in colours such as warm brown, beige, cream and cheerful orange; The diversity of elements allows you to make a souvenir from the past, from meeting a friend or family. Delicate, paper butterflies give lightness, dried roses bring back memories and an old paper will immortalise unforgettable moments. When you sit to create your own work, you will smell the real coffee; It's a moment for you - and your memories.

Here are my layouts using 'the scent of coffee kit':

And.. what a good life to have a cup of coffee and get a hug from my darling son:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quote from Prince Brian D.Fok

I was making a scrap page for the prince's challenge in SBF, when my son came to see me. He saw me putting a crown and prince's outfit on his photo. He also saw many scrap pages of prince and princess. Suddenly he told me, "Mom, if I were a prince then it makes you a queen".. So that's how this quote comes up.

"Do you know why Moms like their son
wearing an outfit like a Prince?
It's because.... it makes them a Queen"

It's a cute quote, isn't it?
Credit: boutique digiscrap, Kirsty, and prince outfit from net

Monday, August 3, 2009

Together - Family - Forever

One year ago, 3 August 2008, my father passed away. Being sentimental, I spent the day looking at old photos. It's really sad that I don't have much photo of my Dad, and only couple of family photos with complete family members since (as far as I remember) we only get together for two times; the first time was in 1988 and the second time was in my sister's wedding day in March 1994.

Thanks to the photos and scrapbooking, I could still look at the past and keep that beautiful memories in my heart!Credit: Jolagg, Happy Scrap, Raspberry Road Designs, and Linda's Place

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me.. back then

Recently I got email from my old friend who lives in Japan. She is a kind lady and we still keep in touch even sometime only by writing to each other once a year (sending new year's card). All communication were done through telephone and traditional mail because she didn't have internet connection at home.

But this time, she said she can use internet and I'm so happy for that. I really miss the old time we spent together. I can say that she was my first best friend I met after I arrived in Japan for studying in 1992. My one year scholarship in Japan gave me a lot of memories and wonderful experiences.. I lost contact with many of my friends back then.. Just wish I could keep in touch with them again..

Credit: Mathildescrap, Dallien and Elegant WordArt

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lovely Blog Award from Emka

I'm so happy to get this award from Emka Scrap (thank you, dear). And I would like to pass it on to my friends (as one of the rules of this award)..

And here are another rules for this award:

1. Put the award on your blog
2. Include a link to the person who gave you the award
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs (always hard to do)
4. Leave a message on their blog letting them know they have an award on your blog

So.. I will pass this award to:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Little Prince

It's really hard to get a good photo of my boy. He's either make a silly pose with silly faces or just covering his face when I take my camera. But in his uncle wedding party, he's kind enough to pose with me and had our photo taken.
But I should extract his photo and enlarge it so I can clearly show off how handsome my prince is..

Credit: BoutiqueDigiscrap, Jezebel-ro, Martencja Designs, Kerstin, & ScrappingWords

Thursday, June 18, 2009

White Reflections

Here are some pages I made from the newest kit by Emka Designs, "White Reflections" on which available today, 19 June 2009.

Just want to congrats my younger sister who is expecting her 2nd children. Wish her have a wonderful life..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love You Forever

To everyone who have read the book"Love You Forever", written by Robert Munsch, will familiar with this line.. the song that a mother sings for her son.
Here is the link to find out about the book or even listen to the story:
Or you can read the story at

This scrap page I made after a friend in SBF (GraciesMommy) mentioned about the book. It's a short but touching story book for children, but also populars with mothers.

Special thanks to Zalinka for her beautiful kit, 'Sweet Magnolia' for the above page.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Colourful Island Treasures

The new fantastic kit from Emka Colourful island of treasures are now available at scrapbookgraphics. This is specially made for people who loves ocean and exotic sea animals.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Children Picnic

Here is Em-ka latest kit, "Spring Children Picnic".
And here are my layouts:

wordart by Hilleke

wordart by Kathy Winters Designs

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Language of friendship

I found this quote and just like to make a scrap page with it..

Credits: Zalinka; wordart by myself

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Here is another fabulous kit for boy from Em-ka Scrap called WONDER BOY. The kit consists of colourful elements, often in very vivid colours, i.e.: blue, celadon and yellow. It's available in scrapbookgraphics,

And here are my LO's

Wordart by scrappingwords

Wordart by Hilleke

Wordart by ElegantWordArt

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone...

Another layout using Emka-scrap's kit "EASTER MORNING"

Friday, March 20, 2009


Yes.. I admit there is no spring, summer, autumn and winter in my country here.. but I can feel that some part of the countries in this world are welcoming the spring.. I love spring.. nice weather.. beautiful flowers everywhere..

Here is the newest kit from Emka Designs.. It called "EASTER MORNING" and it's now available at Scrapbookgraphics:

And here are my layouts:

Easter Egg Hunt Wordart by Tristania