Friday, August 28, 2009

Impression of CHANGE

Sometime I feel that my boy is still a baby.. Can't believe that he is growing up so fast and now is a smart little boy that often surprised me with his thinking..
Just like when he was one day come to me and ask
B: "Mom, which country has 4 seasons? (because we are staying in Singapore and we don't have spring, summer, winter and autumn).. I really wants to play with snow, but can't go to the countries which are far away from Singapore because the air ticket is expensive."
M: (laugh and also surprised that a 5 years old boy can understand about that).. "Likely the nearest place that has snow and also not so expensive to go is China.."
B: (With full of enthusiasm)... "China? Wow.. I really want to go to China.. People there are very busy and they are working hard"
M: Why did you said so?
B: I read 'made in China' label in almost all of my toys, stationery, shirts and other things! So they must be very busy to make all of those things!
M: (got another surprised and just can laugh..)
Don't you think he is a smart boy??

So, when I got a kit "Impressions Of Change - collab SBG" (available at Scrapbookgraphics) from Emka Designs, I really want to scrap my boy.. a cute baby boy who turns to a smart little boy

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