Monday, November 16, 2009

Travel to the Past

My son asking me to play a ball.. After playing for awhile, I told him that I am very tired because I am too old to run around cacthing the ball. And he replied to me, "I wish you were only 20 when you gave birth to me, so you are still young enough to play a ball with me!"

So, when my friend, Mary, hosting a challenge in SBF call "Extraction Fun", I got the idea to play with the photo of my son that was taken in 2006, extracted him and put it into my photo that was taken much earlier (in 1992, or 12 years before my son's born). And I call it "Travel to the Past"

How I wish in reality we could travel to the past, to avoid the unhappiness and enjoy again the things that we can only call it sweet memory!

Credit:Impression of Travel-Collab SBG
Available at Scrapbookgraphics

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