Saturday, April 24, 2010

Career and Family

I was a working woman before I married but I quit working after I gave birth to my son and enjoyed my days as a stay at home mom since then, even that's mean I didn't have money to spend and had to listen and follow all the instructions from my husband. What matters to me is I can see my son everyday, growing up from a little baby to a healthy smart boy.

But circumtances won't allow me to sit back watching my son all the time. I finally had to find a job since my husband is facing a financial problems.

I start working again after 6 years break. It's tough to separate with my boy, but what make it worse and worrying me is to see my son under other people's care. But there is nothing else I can do except crossing my fingers and hope God will take care my son so he will always healthy and happy, and will become a person with a good attitude, smart and wise.

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