Sunday, October 18, 2009

Breath of Autumn

This past few weeks I was so worry about my high blood pressure. I was so sure that I am a healthy person and took my health for granted until my doctor said my blood pressure is high!

I changed my life style.. No more sleep at late midnight or past midnight; and always wake up in the morning to do the exercise. I have to reduce my time for TV and computer. It's really hard especially reducing time for scrapping. But I am trying!

Kit by Emka Designs: The Scent of Coffee.

I was so relieved that what I have done bring a good result! My blood pressure is drop and I find myself fresher and healthier.
So.. I am in the mood to scrap myself and to give myself some encouragements for doing better things in life..
B R E A T H - O F - A U T U M N

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