Friday, November 21, 2008

Being a Photographer

Last weekend, we went to the beach and stayed in the resort to celebrate birthday of my husband's nephew. We were having a good time. The scenery was really beautiful and I wanted to take picture of my son. I took him a long the beach and tried to take some shots. What a pity, my son kept running or doing some silly pose or showed silly faces whenever I asked him to stay still.

My hobby is taking photo and I dream I can become a famous photographer one day.. But now I understand that being a photographer is not easy at all..

About Scrap page: kit by Zalinka & Dallien, wordart by Hilleke


Lisadee said...

Hi Rose, your blog looks absolutely fabulous ... I love the colours and design of it ... my firt love is photography too, I can never learn enough.
Your latest pages are so beautifully scrapped - just wanted to say hi, love Lisa

 IC™ said...

sometimes silly pose or silly face will look great and natural.

Libby said...

thats so cute =]
loveee it!

Sherry said...

Isn't that always the way it goes; it's so hard to get that perfect portrait (especially when they know you're trying!) :)