Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday BIG C!

Today is my nephew's birthday! Brian is busy planning how to celebrate his cousin's birthday. He doesn't realize that his cousin live far away from his house that it takes 5 hours flight from here. Without holiday and most of all, without money ^-^ how can we go there??

But lucky we have internet.. So, instead of giving a real birthday present, we are posting our birthday card here.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG C!! Sending lots of love for you..

About Scrappage:
Happy Birthday: kit by Akizo
Loving You: Overlay by CJS and wordart by Hilleke


sunsetmama65 said...

Thanks a lot to you and Brian... a very very good cousin...

 IC™ said...

as usual, its a nice scrap.
maybe you stuck in the scrap.
using other tools limited your creativity.
maybe it's time to take one step higher. :)

 IC™ said...

uh, what i meant with this line "using other tools..." is that:
Overlay, kit, QP, and other unrecognized by me term/stuff.

Libby said...

love the scrap pages!