Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sending Love through Scrapping

There are many of my family member's birthday fall in November... I am sending my love and wishes through scrapping..

To my beautiful youngest sister and our niece: Happy Birthday to you both, sweetie!
About scrap page: overlay from CJS:

To my Dad in Heaven, Happy Birthday and I am missing you..
About scrap page: Using mix kits from Dallien, CJS, Hilleke and Aprilmouse

To my sister in law who are good at cooking... happy birthday to you! But I don't dare posting your photo here without permission, so.. instead of you, I put brother's photo here.. :-)
About scrap page: QP from Aprilmouse

To someone who I consider my elder sister, who hate her photo's taken but love taking and editing photo.. Happy Birthday to you, Sis! I can only display your creation here..
About Scrap page: photo edited by Sis SL and kit by CJS

And to all my sisters (even it's not our birthday), I just want to say that I LOVE YOU!!!
About scrap page: kit from Dallien and wordart from Hilleke

1 comment:

Devi Rin said...

thanks for the celebration on internet...

thanks for the love and the wish...

thanks for all the time we shared...